Friday, July 6, 2012


I am so ruined financially by his lack of earning capacity and his cognitive defects.  he just doesn't get it and refuses to talk about anything that he doesn't want to hear.  his stomach problems have improved significantly since he started taking the new medication but other problems persist.

He has no earning capacity and I find I have less and less doue to overcrowding in my field and age discrimination.

He thinks he can give anything he wants to our two adult children and doesn't get that we can no longer afford to do that.  he refuses to live in our home and insists on staying with one of our kids who uses it to gee textra income.  i am trapped since he still refuses to give himself his shots and no one else will.  I would leave, but I do not have enough income and our major financial woes leave us on the verge of filing bankruptcy.  Our attorney tells us to wait for the next major financial hit and then do it.  I go from being wealthy and secure to being on the verge of bankruptcy with no hope of getting even a quarter of what we had back.

He still has the rages but not as often.  he has become more passive aggresive with no compassion or empathy.  Me, I am just hanging in there waiting to file for bankruptcy and hoping to save the house

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  1. I am so sorry! What a sad situation.
    I guess I can understand how a person can want to give up -- as it sounds like your husband wants to do.
    However, what happened to loving you and wanting to take care of you?
    It actually amazes me that something has turned a loving person (you must have found something loving originally!) into a selfish person!
    but it certainly happens.

    I feel sorry for both of you
    and wish I had a magic wand to help

    best wishes....